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Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip: Day 9
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Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip: Day 9

Sunday we woke up early and I made the executive decision to cut my trip a day short. I allotted two days to get back but looking over my map I kept thinking I'd probably only end up a few hours from home anyways. So I decided to cut out a few things and just drive. And drive I did. I drove a little through Asheville and didn't see a thing I was looking for. I did have a man wish me safe travels at a ...
RedBone Willy’s Bluegrass Festival – VA/NC Road Trip: Day 8
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RedBone Willy’s Bluegrass Festival – VA/NC Road Trip: Day 8

Saturday we went to RedBone Willy's Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival in Lawndale, North Carolina! Sadie and I left her place early for the drive to the festival. And on our way we stopped for some breakfast to give me my first taste of Bojangles. We met up with her sisters Carrie (of Travelin' Thrifty) and Jamie (the other half of the Hungry Sisters) and a whole bunch of others for the ...
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Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip: Day 7

Sadie had to work this morning but when she was done she raced back home to start our day's adventure! She got a nice slice of a day in the life of Silly America, and I got a nice slice of NC BBQ (quite literally!) Out first stop was Korner's Folly, a house that contains 22 rooms spread out over 7 levels on 3 floors... To make that happen this included some floors that were cut in half so that ...

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